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What follows is a select list of plays in ascending chronological order 1992-present:


Rick & Phoebe

On My Knees


Birds of Paradise



Wicked Johnny Mac

Good Parker (fka The Good Neighbor Policy)

Number 10

Horse Latitudes 

Writers in the Writing Group Must Write

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Rick and Phoebe was 2-hander, played like a jazz riff in its style and structure (inspired by Sam Shepherd), chronicling the rise and fall and rise of 2 young lovers indulging in IV drug use in the mid-1980's as AIDS was really starting to rear its ugly head.  It was Logun's first play. 

Edie Falco (Sopranos, Nurse Jackie, America Crime) and Gary McCleery (Hard Choices, Matewan)  brought great danger, sexuality, sweetness and humor to their roles of Phoebe and Rick.    In 1992 R&P was workshopped at the hot Indie NYC prod co The Shooting Gallery (Laws of Gravity, Sling Blade, You Can Count on Me) as part of its in-house theatre company Gallery Rep's slate.   



Grieving the loss of her beloved grandmother, and feeling constrained by her life in Northern England,  a young British postal worker goes in on a mystical journey in search of the Virgin Mary in New Mexico.

ON MY KNEES was given its world premiere by the Lark Theatre Company in a mainstage production in repertory with Jack Hefner's HEARTBURN.   It was directed by the Lark's artistic director and founder John Clinton Eisner.    OMK was one of Logun's first plays and she also acted in it (and vowed she would never act in another of her plays again!).   The 1997 Lark production cast Barbara Andres (Cabaret) as Mum, X as Dad and Logun as Gwen.  An earlier workshop at Alice's Fourth Floor on 42nd Street also featured Logun and Tanny McDonald (Fiddler on the Roof w/ Zero Mostel) as Mum.   

A discontented married couple takes an impromptu mountain drive to visit an old friend...

Produced in 2002 along with 4 other one acts in EST/LA's inaugural One Act Marathon, LAMB was double cast with  Cast A: Jenny O'Hara and  Nick Ullett, and Cast B:  Mary Portser and Charles Parks. Directed by Sally Fairman

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- Last time you were here you said you wanted to be a terrorist, Caroline.

- Not a terrorist. A revolutionary. 

While BIRDS OF PARADISE  has yet to receive a mainstage production, it enjoyed some exceptional workshops and staged readings in the early 2000s.  Under the guidance of celebrated writer Jose Rivera who led the EST/LA writers unit in the late 1990s/early 2000s, and under the leadership of artistic directors James Eckhouse (Beverly Hills 90210) and Garrett Brown (Sisters) BIRDS hatched and was quickly selected for both EST/LA's Winterfest and First Look staged readings.  In those long ago days it was titled LILY LIVERED CRECHE - a title that left many intrigued and dumbfounded ... Two producers from LA Stage & Film (Sarah Bull and ??) saw the readings and decided they wanted to take the play further.  A workshop starring Mary McDonnell (Major Crimes, Dances with Wolves), Chris Ellis, Fran Kranz ( ) and Mark Bennington ( )  with Michael Mantell ( ) directing was staged in West Hollywood at Praxis with LA Stage & Film producing.   A private table read at The Fountain Theatre followed with Jacqueline Shultz in the lead role,  and a later reading again spearheaded by LA Stage & Film put Roxanne Hart as the lead.    BIRDS was written and being staged before and right after 9/11 and unfortunately it felt very prescient because it was dealing with people who felt disenfranchised and fantasized about being terrorists.   A key scene actually takes place at the ill-fated Windows on the World in the World Trade Center.    The play deserves to be reimagined to some extent, developed and produced.  It is timely, disturbing, touching and sad. It also has a fair amount of humor in it. 

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BUTTER is a dark comedy about how family brings out
the beast in all of us.  It's about love, liberation,
and saving a family of human animals, by any means necessary.
BUTTER began its life at EST/LA with real-life husband and wife theatre
treasures Jenny O’Hara (Transparent,  Everybody Loves Raymond, and
 Bakersfield Mist, Daniel’s  Husband at The Fountain Theatre),  and 
Nick Ullett (Bakersfield Mist, etc) playing husband and wife

Aggie and Bill through early readings, workshops, including staged

readings at Winterfest and First Look.  BUTTER was selected for 

mainstage production by EST/LA with the Chautauqua Theatre Alliance

as co-producer.  Unfortunately, last minute casting conflicts prevented

both Jenny and Nick from playing the roles they originated, and Mary

Portser who originated the role of Dottie in the earlier workshops was

recast as Aggie, with Weston  Blakesley stepping in as Bill.  Remaining

cast members included Lori Shearer, Sharon Bart, Michael Rubenstone

and Ray Xifo.  BUTTER was directed by David P. Moore and the world

premiere opened at [Inside] THE FORD THEATRE, Los Angeles, in

December 2004 receiving  a solid review from Rob Weinert-Kendt of the

Los Angeles Times.   In 2014 BUTTER was recorded for radio in Berlin

with a cast of English-speaking actors, directed by Jonathan Failla (Berliner Ensemble). 

"Butter, generously flavored with salt" (Los Angeles Times)
 … Elizabeth Logun’s “Butter” goes down as smoothly as, well, butter,  in director Dave P. Moore’s new production…. Aggie  (Mary Portser, in a Thatcher-esque ‘do) is a buttoned-up Yorkshire matron who needs only the slightest provocation to loosen the buttons; husband Bill (Weston Blakesley) is a sour, doughy lump with, natch, a soft, pliant heart under his sardonic, long-suffering exterior; daughter Daphne (Sharon Bart) is a callow rebel ...with a surly but sweet boyfriend, Dan (Michael Rubenstone), whose attention is divided roughly equally between radical animal liberation and the liberation of Daphne’s knickers.  Interlopers in this simmering stew include Aggie’s sister Dottie (Lorrie Shearer), a recent refugee from a bad marriage, and Eric (Ray Xifo), a hobbit-sized special-delivery man with a priapic glint in his eye…. Sprinkle in a requisite amount of randy reckonings,  bilious bickering, contrived confrontation and well-executed slapstick scrimmaging …and you’ve got a reasonable facsimile of a fine BBC sitcom, agreeably stretched to 90 minutes.
(Backstage) .. The titular substance—rich and tasty, but high in fat and calories—is used in several contexts in Elizabeth Logun's new play. Among other things, it's a symbol of hedonistic self-indulgence, a device suggesting sexual imagery, and, in a hard-frozen state, a dangerous weapon.....  a respectable and handsomely mounted premiere ... 
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R is a play that is still finding its feet. It's about what it was like to have a

severely mentally retarded sibling in a time when silence and institutionalizing

someone was the default choice for most families.  It is a very personal story.

An early draft was given a staged reading at EST / New York's Octoberfest

in 2010.   It is a play that is taking its sweet time to emerge and won't be rushed.

Not unlike its subject.

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12 W
Full Length
 - This play is being reworked - 
Production History:
  • EST/LA @ Atwater Village Theatre,  Winterfest.  Graham Sibley, dir.   w/Tessa Ferrer, Caitlin Gallogly, Barbara Tarbuck,  Karen Sillas, Kate Coyne and Ensemble. 

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GOOD PARKER (f/k/a The Good Neighbor Policy)
7W 3 M
Full Length
  - This play is being developed - 
Production History:
  • Ensemble Studio Theatre/Los Angeles , Winterfest 2017.  William Charlton, dir.
Three NYPD horses, Jocco, Kip and Donald, dream of a making a better life. But sometimes the ache for change is too much to bear...
3 M
One Act
Dark comedy
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Production History:

  • EST/LA LAUNCH PAD  w/Tony Pasqualini, Chuma Gault, William Charlton.  Dir. Amy Chaffee   (workshop) 

  • EST/LA Winterfest   w/ Charles Parks, Jim McDonald, David Starzyk. Dir.  Elizabeth Logun   (staged reading)



Millicent, a Conservative pig, longs to recapture happier times when she was elected Prime Minister of England, in lieu of a human candidate. Her long suffering mate, Harold, a Socialist hog, tries to prevent her from mounting a second campaign.  

1M, 2W

One Act

Dark comedy

Production History

  • E.S.T./L.A. One Act Festival 2016 (July 8-31) at Atwater Village Theatre,  Directed by Elizabeth Logun. Starring Tony Pasqualini, Sarah Brooke, Sharon Freedman. 

  • E.S.T. /L.A. Atwater Village Theatre - Winterfest - Staged Reading Directed by Amy Chaffee. Starring  Tony Pasqualini, Mary Portser, Anna Nicholas. 

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Launchpad 2019

Lauren Campedelli, Liz Ross, Heather Robinson,  Elin Hampton, Sarah Brooke. Directed by Robert Burgos.


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